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Natural CBD - 100% Hemp rolled into a cigarette

Natural CBD Hemp smokes are made from Hemp, which is the same plant as the cannabis plant but is bread to be high in CBD and very low in thc. We use hemp grown on a small farm in Northern California and the hemp we use is extremely low in thc, but high in CBD and other natural beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. In fact, thc doesn't even register on the lab tests for our smokes. (note: this does not mean you will necessarily pass a drug test after smoking Natural CBD. We have not done any experiments to test the effect of Natural CBD in a urine test).

We started Natural CBD because we wanted to provide a mellow alternative to whats out there.

Smoking Natural CBD as an alternative to cannabis:

We personally enjoy smoking Natural CBD as more mellow alternative to smoking cannabis. Today's cannabis is so strong and smoking Natural CBD gives us the same relaxed feeling while allowing us to be present in the moment.

Smoking Natural CBD as an alternative to cigarettes:

A lot of our customers smoke our CBD smokes as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. We constantly get emails from customers thanking us and telling us how much they like our hemp smokes. So how does Natural CBD help someone trying to cut back on smoking tobacco? Often times we have an oral fixation with having something in our mouth. Smoking Natural CBD cigarettes allows users to enjoy that same relaxing feeling but without everything that comes with smoking tobacco.